How is your latest and greatest smartphone doing? Did you look at dozens upon dozens of cases looking for just the prefect one that fits your style yet protects that little investment of yours? Did you take the time to learn about all the greatest new apps? What would you do if you forgot your phone at home and you were half way to your destination?

Would you go back for it?

What did you have for lunch today? Did you skip breakfast? What size was that frappe thing? What about your workouts, did you get those in?

Am I drilling in my point yet? You see we take care of what we value and for most of us it is our phones first and foremost, but for you it may be your car, or a special purchase that you saved up months for.

You need to value your health as you would value your smartphone or whatever it may be. It is the most precious gift you have and you only get one, so unlike the smartphone if you break it- it’s broke…. You cannot exchange it. So why are you treating the phone better than you do your own body?

You know why? Because you don’t value yourself. This is where it all comes down to. You have to love yourself enough to make the things you need to do become a priority. Your health should be your top priority, because no one else can do it for you.

Be a healthy role model for your kids, nieces, nephews, friends, or whoever it may be. Children see how you take care of yourself and if you value yourself. They hear how you talk to yourself when you look in the mirror after trying on an outfit that may be fitting just a little too tight. Children learn their own value from what they see and hear you do. So if for any other reason, value yourself for them.

Put away the excuses of why you can’t because as a trainer, trust me I have heard them all and instead give me a list of reasons how you can. I don’t care what is going on in your life I bet I can still find a way that you can eat healthy, sleep, workout, and still manage everything else on your list.

Be honest with yourself, as busy as you are I bet you could find free time for something you really wanted to do. A healthy lifestyle isn’t a short term fix just to get to a destination. It is a long term, part of daily life, something you do until the very end so you might want to start scheduling it in now.

So let’s start making it a priority in life. Start valuing yourself and get moving towards a healthy direction by putting yourself first.