If you are a frequent reader of my blog you know that I have been eating a Paleo based diet for nearly four months now. I have to say the benefits have been numerous. I basically removed all traces of grains, vegetable oils, and processed foods out of my diet. Now that me say that I have been eating a “clean diet” for over ten years. The last four years since being diagnosed with PCOS- (after gaining 30 lbs in a few months without changing my diet), I was annoyed that I couldn’t get my body to change. After seeing doctors, specialists, endocrinologists that just wanted to put me on medications that affected my blood pressure and moods (weight still never budged more than a couple of lbs).
My personal story on discovering The Paleo Diet was when I was training for a figure competition. Depsite struggling with my weight and low self esteem (common symptoms of PCOS), the last month of the strict dieting allowed my body to start changing, I had more energy, was sleeping better, my skin was glowing, and I felt fantastic; which those of you who have ever competed is opposite of what most feel during the very strict dieting phase. Without the grains and increase in the healthy fats, my body was functioning like it was meant to and I felt wonderful.
As soon as I went back to eating “clean” again, the weight came back and I felt sluggish all over again. I researched everything I could about PCOS and how diet affects the body and blood glucose. Paleo was mentioned time and time again so I researched the diet in science and nutrition journals, read books on the subject (I am a big time research geek), and decided to just do it right then and there and have never looked back. I took all processed foods even though I wasn’t really eating any, took out of forms of sugar (artificial, refined, Natural), took out all processed vegetable oils, dairy, and grains for 30 days. In just a couple of days I lost 3 lbs but continued to increase my lean body mass, after a week, I felt stronger, had more energy, and woke up at 5:30 every morning without the use of my alarm clock.
Since it was working so well for me I decided to keep going with it, eating lots of vegetables, coconut oil, nuts and seeds, lean meat, fruits, and water- I continued to see results on a weekly basis; I even learned that I have an intolerance for cashews, peanut butter (ate this almost everyday), and can tolerate just small amounts of dairy. My bloating vanished, I had no more stomach discomfort, and my energy has been explosive. My workouts are more intense, I sleep better and I have lost over 11” over my body in only 8 weeks time. It was so impressive that my husband jumped on board and he gained lean body mass, lost 19 lbs, gained strength and bouts of eczema went away after years of suffering.
My clients have experienced the same benefits from eating this way. The first 30 days is a challenge, but you have to be committed and give it your best, will you falter; probably it is to be expected, but just pick yourself up and keep at it. You will never look back.

Meal prep is done for the week. Even made a little dessert. Peanut butter pie, the crust is almonds and cashews and the pie doesn’t have any peanut butter in it. It’s sunflower seed butter and coconut milk for the whip cream. It’s very scrumptious. Sunflower seeds have many great health benefits such as high in magnesium and selenium, which are great for your muscles including the heart. You can find this recipe in Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook. Avaibke on Amazon and I highly recommend it.