One place in Nashville, that I have always wanted to visit is the beautiful murals in The Nations. I had only seen pictures of them in news articles but never in person. Truthfully, I had no idea where The Nations were and how to get there. So it was such a surprise to me when we decided to try Frothy Monkey and one of their locations was in The Nations and right next to these famous murals. WIN WIN! 

The Nations Mural in Nashville by Julie Wilcoxson at Burpees and Bacon
The Nations Mural
The Nations 15 Story Man in Nashville by Julie Wilcoxson at Burpees and Bacon
The 15 Story Man

These beautiful masterpieces did not disappoint. The detail and skill that went into these magnificent murals are a must see for anyone new or old to Nashville. To read about the history and the people behind the murals check out this article The Nations 15 Story Mural.

The famous Murals of Nashville by Julie Wilcoxson at Burpees and Bacon

To make it much easier to find, I would recommend visiting The Frothy Monkey at that location and when you are walking out the front door look right and you can’t miss it. The really nice thing about this location is it is not as busy as the others so it is a bit easier to get seated. That location is 1400 51st Ave N in Nashville ( you are most welcome).

Let’s talk about Frothy Monkey, shall we. Ahhhh I have wanted to try them out for around 3 years now when visiting Urban Grub and I saw the line across the street and I thought that was their only location and I knew we would never get there early enough coming in from Murfreesboro to beat the rush. So I patiently waited until today.

Frothy Monkey by Julie Wilcoxson at Burpees and Bacon
Frothy Monkey

Oh my my my are they delicious. I ordered The California and my husband had their Farm Breakfast. Which both of those I would highly recommend and since it is Saturday, our normal cheat day we were not worrying about calories so we went all out on the coffee. We both decided on the Turtle Latte, I chose it Iced and the hubs went hot coffee, you cannot go wrong either way. If you want a healthier option they do offer teas and an Almond Latte. The California is an avocado toast with eggs cooked to perfection and a slice of avocado heaven. I can’t wait to go back and try everything on their menu.

Frothy Monkey Turtle Latte by Julie Wilcoxson at Burpees and Bacon Frothy Monkey California by Julie Wilcoxson at Burpees and Bacon

Frothy Monkey Farm Breakfast by Julie Wilcoxson at Burpees and Bacon Turtle Latte by Frothy Monkey

You can see their full menu at Frothy Monkey

While you are there if you are looking for any cool Nashville apparel, hats, or goodies you have to check out Project 615. Not only will you walk out with some wonderful things for yourself or gifts for others but you will be supporting a beautiful cause. This company is definitely one you want to keep supporting.  They hire recovering homelessness, addiction, and mental illness and some of the proceeds from your purchase goes to supporting numerous causes. Also, before you head out to visit them make sure you subscribe to the newsletter for a 10% discount code at Project 615.

Project 615 in Nashville by Julie Wilcoxson at Burpees and Bacon
Project 615

 Project 615

Our final destination other than our usual Trader Joe’s (of course) was The Turnip Truck. My daughter lives in Nashville and loves this place so of course I had it on my list to check it out. I adore little coffee shops, bakeries, and specialty stores instead of all the big chains. The Turnip Truck is absolutely adorable and has a ton of quick bites, a salad bar, snacks, and all your needs.

The Turnip Truck by Julie Wilcoxson at Burpees and Bacon
The Turnip Truck


The funny part of this story is I heard about these little delicate snacks called Orbs and they are sold there so I had to visit TODAY. Because as a female, once I have something on my mind it IS going to happen and it’s happening now… Am I right ladies?

The coolest thing about this day is how one thing led to another like it was all meant to be. By visiting that particular Frothy Monkey I discovered the Murals and Project 615. Learning about these little snacks forced me to finally go to The Turnip Truck which the coolest thing about that trip was- the owner was there showcasing her snacks. What are the chances of that right there?

The owner was absolutely pleasant, informative, and has cooked up a very unique snack. These little bite size goodies are all organic and made with only the finest ingredients with the utmost integrity. We bought the Praline, Espresso, and Original (which tastes just like an Almond Joy). Who knows maybe we will be able to bring these to our studio. Hmmmm) If you want to learn more about their snacks and where all they are sold check out their website Orbs Snacks

Orbs Healthy Snacks by Julie Wilcoxson at Burpees and Bacon
Orbs Snacks

Overall this was a good day. I kept telling my husband what a good day this has been. Everything went smooth and our Vanderbilt Commodores won their football game so now we are getting ready to watch The Gators play, and as you know we are Native Floridians so we have to keep supporting our home team. Let’s hope they can pull it in and make it a perfect ending to the day.