Who is Julie?

Hey there, I’m Julie Wilcoxson. I’m a woman who discovered all the things about truly living in her 40’s. I am a personal trainer, entrepreneur, author, wife, and mother. I own a private fitness studio in a city just outside of Nashville called Murfreesboro. I’m obsessed with dogs and absolutely love pizza on my cheat days. I am passionate about helping others find their confidence through fitness, good fun nutrition, and encouragement. I love to laugh, hang out with my family, and of course hit the gym. I was diagnosed with PCOS 10 years ago and have learned how to manage it naturally without any medications.  That’s what living a healthy balanced lifestyle can do for you. I am mom to the two most amazing daughters ever. They are 20 and 22 now and make me proud every single day. On weekdays you can find me around town teaching boot camp, training my clients, and working out with my hubby. On the weekends, I am sipping coffee bright and early while chilling with my dogs and catching up on my blog. We usually ride into Nashville to see what new places we can discover and what fun restaurants we can dive into. I am passionate about helping others live their healthiest life because I truly believe in every fiber of my being that by living a healthy life you have the confidence to pursue all of your dreams. Follow along with me as I talk the Real Talk about all the things and take you on my travels to the coolest places in Nashville. I will also make you sweat in my workouts, and I when you need a pep talk- I am your gal.
With Love, xxoo Jules