Capital Hill Workout in Nashville by Julie Wilcoxson at

Intense Outdoor Workout on Nashville’s Capital Hill

We had the day off on Labor Day my hubby and I decided to take our workout to the beautiful city of Nashville. We needed a challenge and Capital Hill didn’t disappoint. This workout is filled with stairs, spiderman climbers, pop pushups, hill sprints, bear crawls up a hill, and a heck of a good time. It was a great 45 minutes Let’s take a minute to discuss that hill shall we. I think it should be renamed, Cardiac Hill. Oh my goodness what a steep hill it is, I felt every beat of my heart in my neck with that one and those spiderman pushups….. I am still feeling my core from that little beauty. I challenge you to try this one out on your next outing. Warm up with a 5 minute jog around the building 3 rounds of each:
  • pushup stair climbs (can do stair climbs when fatigued without the pushup)
  • lateral runs up the stairs and then back down
  • single leg pop squats alternating legs
  • directional sprints up the hill
  • spiderman climbers up the hill
  • bear crawls up the hill
  • and finish up with a good all out sprint up a flight of stairs.
Rocky style at the end is optional. 🙂   You can check out our video here Capital Hill Workout   Ohhh and can you find where I broke a nail in the video? lol   Follow on Bloglovin

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