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Nashville’s Famous Pedestrian Bridge

Today we ventured out to the John Seigenthlaer Pedestrian Bridge near the Titan Stadium, but little did we know all the parking is blocked off when the Titans are planning (make a note of that). A little sweet talking to one of the parking attendants and he lets us have 20 minutes to run to the bridge, take quick stroll and get back to move our car. We got some great photos on the famous Batman Building while we were there. I have run the Color Run across this bridge but never got to enjoy the beauty of the skyline while I was on it. A little fact for you, did you know this bridge is one of the longest walking bridges in the world? How cool is it that we have one in our very own city?

Green Hills Grille

Located at 2002 Richard Jones Road in Green Hills (right across the street from Trader Joes on the left hand side…http://ghgrille.com/

This little grilled had the most adorable atmosphere with seating outside on the patio as well. I saw a couple with their dog so I believe it is pet friendly. I ordered the Spinach and Goat Cheese Salad and added the grilled shrimp for some protein and man was it a successful move on my part. Loaded with tons of buttery flavor from the shrimp which mixed perfectly with the smokiness of the goat cheese. (Here is a little tip for you, if you are lactose sensitive then goat cheese can be an option for you as it contains less lactose).

My husband opted for the Hot Chicken Sandwich and the most perfectly salted shoestring fries. I am not a fan of spicy and this was the perfect amount of flavor for me.  They had  many options to chose from as well as the buffalo cauliflower bites which sounded very interesting, I believe we will try those on our next visit.

In the same plaza was a cute little coffee shop called The Perch. Since it is Saturday and our cheat meal day we decided to walk over and get a little goodie and coffee after our lunch. I took the safe route and ordered the Caramel Macchiato and my husband tried the Eiffel Tower Perch Latte, once we tried them we traded.

There was no way we could leave this place without checking out their dessert menu and the Nutella Crepe did not disappoint. Filled perfectly with Nutella goodness, it was the perfect amount of sweet. Check out their menu at https://theperchtn.com/

Then of course we had to end our adventure at Trader Joes for our weekly shopping trip. I don’t know what it is about this place that actually makes me like to grocery shop which I normally hate to do. What is your favorite items to get at T.J.’s?

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