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It’s My Birthday

August 27th, today is my birthday! I have always loved this day- it is the day where everyone makes you feel so special. Everybody’s taking a minute out of their busy schedules to wish you a Happy Birthday, acknowledging you, and just making you feel so darn good about life.

I could never understand why some people dread their birthdays. This is the one day craved out of 365 days that is dedicated solely to you. No matter how you feel your life is right now, at that moment of your first breathe you were loved and your parents had so many hopes and dreams for you. Now, if you are not where you thought you would be that is because somewhere during your path, you let others tell you that you were not capable or not good enough and the sad part is that you listened and you believed their words.

Why do we let others dictate our paths? Why can’t we be simply be enough? Why can’t we believe our own kind words about ourselves? What did you dream of for your future, what one thing did you always want to do that you still have yet to do? Don’t waste anymore time letting others pave your destiny. I am here to tell you that I believe in you and I think you are worth it. Celebrate my birthday with me by reaching for that one thing you always wanted and let’s make this year the year we live to our full potential and learn to love ourselves and shine our light on everyone that we meet.

On this 27th day of August celebrating my 44th birthday I am left feeling blessed. Blessed to be the mother of my two wonderful daughters, married to the man who still makes my heart skip a beat, to have the career that I have with the most awesome clients, and my friends and family who make me feel loved.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes, phone calls, posts on social media, and texts. I appreciate you all very much.

Xoxo Julie

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