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The Truth About Carbs

Nutrition can make you sick or create complete wellness- it is true what they say, “You are what you eat” so would you rather be a long slender banana or a round fatty potato chip? When it comes to carbohydrates or carbs we all get confused. After all, society has said we need to eat less carbs then the USDA updates the food pyramid and says NO, we need to eat around 60% of carbs a day. When you hear the word carbohydrate, what do you picture?
If you’re anything like the national average you think of chips, pasta, rice, breads, etc. Well carbs are also fruits and vegetables. This is where I usually lose everyone. You see there are:
• complex carbs (whole wheat bread, whole grain, potatoes, etc)
• Simple carbs (fruit- remember that fructose is natural fruit sugar)
• Fibrous carbs (vegetables)
Each category has its place in our diet but not in the ratio that we are consuming them. Most Standard American Diets (SAD) are composed of mainly the complex or junky carbs (chips, processed foods), and seriously lacking in the simple and fibrous ones. Everyone’s body is different in how they digest and utilize this macronutrient and you need to food journal and listen to your body to figure out what works best for you. Some of you may be carb sensitive and need to eat less, some of you may be insulin resistant (like I am) and need to really watch the amount and type you get in your diet. While others can eat a higher range and not have to worry about it (this is a smaller percentage of people).
This is where measuring your progress comes in handy. If you’re not making weekly gains (or body fat loses) then something needs to change and it usually starts with the diet. I have recently started adapting the Paleo way of eating and have been going through a 30 day Cleanse (no dairy, no legumes, beans, grains, or sugar/ sugar substitutes for 30 days). What I have discovered during this time is that I have food intolerances to wheat and cashews and am lactose intolerant. Imagine my overwhelming sense of relief to no longer having to deal with a bloated irritated stomach. I had no idea what I was putting in my mouth on a daily basis was making me sick.
A simply switch to almonds and almond milk has made a world of difference. My energy is through the roof and I feel fantastic. I haven’t missed my daily dose of Stevia in my black tea either. I have even made homemade strawberry coconut milk ice cream (it was pretty good). My point is listen to your body and track your food and progress. I would have never realized the allergies or sensitive’s to these foods if I hadn’t gone through this 30 day cleanse.

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