I Hate Pushups

By Julie Wilcoxson, CPt
Welcome to the “Haters Club”. I know many of you have muttered these words when asked to do a push up. We all hate them because we can’t do them. Simply put, you hate what you need most. Remember that…..
Think about it for a second, if you could knock out 50 pushups, then it wouldn’t bother you, you wouldn’t “hate it” anymore. So start doing the things you hate so that you can improve on them and learn to love them. Push Ups are awesome, they work just about every muscle in the body and if you want to shape up those shoulders and arms, well then get down and give me 20 ladies.
This isn’t an exercise for men only either; this is one of the best compound movements you can add to your exercise routine. What better way to tone up- Pushups require no space, no equipment, no financial investment, no planning, no thinking- you just get down and go for it. Hey, and no girlie pushups either. I am NOT a fan!!!  If you cannot perform a pushup on your toes, then go to a wall or a table or chair, but please don’t drop to your knees. The reason I don’t like the “girlie” pushups is because if you resort to performing them on your knees, you will never challenge yourself to get off your knees. However, if you’re on a wall or chair- you are going to want to get off those modifications and challenge yourself more by hitting the toes. Trust me!!!
We all have things in our life that we are not excited about doing, but usually that is what we need the most. When my clients cry about burpees or pushups- guess what they will see in their workout every week.. Yep, you guessed it Burpees and Pushups; (some clients take a little longer to catch on). So when faced with that challenge, that exercise you don’t want to it, instead of skipping it or giving it only 25%, go after it FIRST, smile and recognize that this is what you need and this is what is going to bring you results.
So no more excuses, now get after it!!!

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