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I Can Only Imagine…..

What words would you use to finish that statement? Maybe you can imagine a day that you can fit into those designer jeans you’ve been eyeing for the past several months.

Maybe you can image being able to hike up a mountain without the need of a rescue chopper.

Maybe you can image entering and finishing your first 5k race.

Whatever it is that you want in life, imagine it, feel it, let it leave a burning desire of want in you. Now, what can you say NO to in order to make room for that dream to be your reality? Can you say no to that second helping at dinner? Can you say no to watching that episode of television, is it really that important?

Your want has to be greater than any of the things you are letting stand in your way. What are you allowing to keep you from your dream of living a healthier You.
Take a minute to sit and figure it out and imagine yourself reaching that goal and say no to the things that are preventing you from making it your reality.

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